“Razrez “Kuznetskiy” LLP offers unenriched lignite of rank B-3 – the fuel of the highest degree of coalification with high thermal technical characteristics. Net calorific value of lignite 4500 - 4900 kcal/kg allows to reduce fuel consumption in comparison with another coal.

Offered production:

  • Coal with fineness: 0 – 300 mm
  • Coal with fineness: 0 – 20 mm, 50 – 150 mm, 50 – 300 mm 

By qualitative characteristics coal of “Razrez “Kuznetskiy” can be used as energy fuel for domestic use and for coking as supplement to fat coals. Lignite is intended for powdered and layer combustion at the enterprises of electric power industry. Lignite has been successfully used as fuel for municipal steamshops and combined heat and power plants; moreover sized brown coal is used for domestic needs of the population.

Sales of coal are carried out:

  • from the station Zhana-Karaganda
  • ex works from coal open mine
  • ex works from the railway warehouse

Qualitative characteristics

Ash, %


Moisture, %


Yield of volatile matter, %


Net calorific value, kcal/kg




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